Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nerf Recon CS-6 Review

The Nerf Recon CS-6™ uses the reverse plunger system and is clip fed. This blaster comes with one quick reload clip, six streamline darts, the main blaster unit, barrel extension, stock, tactical light and a flip up iron sight.

The recon is a very good all-round blaster. Perfect for beginning nerfers, is hard to mod due to its reverse plunger system and as a result is disliked by the nerfing community.

General: 7/10, this blaster is a decent blaster, not ideal for specialized fights or wars but overall a good blaster.

Accuracy: 6.5/10, the Recon has okay accuracy without the barrel but, the barrel removes range from the blaster if used.

Rate Of Fire: A bit over one dart per second. the faster the blaster is fired the more likely it will jam. (Also it will jam if used with worn darts).

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